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I'm not anti-social; I'm just not user friendly.

All things posted on this blog are for the anti-social, the awkward, the fan-girls and boys, the crazy, and those who aren't nerdy: just intellectually endowed.

Harry Potter, Sarcasm, Physics, The Big Bang Theory, Glee, Math, Science, Binary, Forever Alone, Pokemon, etc. <3

I’m gonna go read Alone on the Water. I’ve been putting it off for a long time. I’m scared. 




Once you finally finish… Life as you know it will be over. You’ll be changed forever. The scars will never heal… But they’ll be set as a reminder of such a perfect OTP.

I’m like half way through.

I finished. There are no GIFS for what I’m feeling, but I have to post them anyway.

Put a pairing and/or prompt in my ask box… 


and I will write a drabble/fictlet about it! I tagged all sorts of pairings/shows, but I’m willing to try any kind of fandom/tv show/movie/whatever.

Also, if you stay off of anon, I’ll check out your blog and tell you what my favorite part about it is. :3


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I’ve had an overwhelming work schedule, but i’m hoping to spam you with all sorts of nerdy things tomorrow! <3 

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What happened to your 'Ask-marissa' Blog people? Are you guys done and can we make other people? 

I am still planning on working on it, I just took a hiatus. If you guys wanna add more characters, go for it!

Can you give me follow back? Pleeease :) <3 

You got it, sweetie. (:

hey, i love your tumblr and you (: 

Thanks sweetie! <3